Scott Yancey Real Estate Education

Scott Yancey and his wife Amie took the time to learn about real estate investing in order to educate other individuals about the tricks of the trade. The Yancey’s are firm believers that it’s important to learn about real estate investing. This is actually the whole reason they host the many Scott and Amie Yanceydifferent events that they do, from their Flipping Vegas seminars to the Yancey Events Real Estate Workshops. In order to fully grasp real estate education, it’s important to first ask yourself the five questions investors ask themselves for every single deal they go into.

These five questions are the central part of any savvy investor’s initial brainstorming process, as Scott and Amie both well know. The Scott & Amie Yancey Events are designed to help you answer those five questions with the right answers, securing a smart investment and steering clear of the bad ideas.

Why Should You Invest In Real Estate?

Asking yourself “why” is the first step to deciding if you even really want something or not. If you don’t have an answer to this question, you’re perpetually trapped in the first phase of real estate investing until you come up with a good answer. The Yancey’s believe that you can invest in order to get back a reasonable profit, as they’ve shown again and again throughout their run on TV with A&E’s Flipping Vegas. Whether you want to invest in order to make a continuous trickle of profit or you’re working your way up to the house of your dreams, why you’re wanting to invest is the first question you need to ask yourself.

Scott Yancey on How to Invest?

Once you know the reason behind wanting to dive into real estate investing, the next question is the big “how.” There are a variety of ways to invest, so it’s a pretty big question that a lot of people can get stuck on. The Yancey live training seminars have educators standing by that can give you the fit you need so that you can find how to invest. There’s no specific way that works for everyone when it comes to how you invest, so Yancey’s team helping you find the best way for you to invest is the most financially wise decision.

When Should You Invest?

Analysts from all across the USA are observing the trends in the most recent years in comparison to the housing market. While we did have the housing market crash of 2008, which was rock bottom for many homeowners and investors alike, you can only stay at the bottom for so long. The housing market could only get so low before having to bounce back, as patterns always dictate. Based on the trends in the housing market right now, it seems to be making a rebound from sitting at the bottom. The housing market is bouncing back, which is why the Yanceys determine that the time to start investing is now.

Scott Yancey on What Should You Invest?

While many people make the mistake of thinking money is the only thing you should be investing, expert investors understand you’re going to be spending hours on the clock in order to get the profits they’re looking for. There’s an even balance to how much time you need to put in compared to how much your return will be. So, while you will be investing your money into your real estate investment strategy, you’ll also be investing your time just as proportionately.

Where Should You Invest?

The Scott Yancey real estate seminars have advisers standing by to assist with this particular question. Deciding “where” to invest is going to be determined on an individual basis. The first step you can decide on, however, is what category you’re going to be investing in. The Yanceys help to spread the word about real estate investing, which would make the big “where” in real estate properties.

Deciding where you should invest in real estate instead of where you should invest, in general, is a different question altogether. Depending on your physical location, the Yanceys will be able to help you figure out which locations near you are the best for real estate investing and which ones should be avoided.

Real Estate Broken Down

This particularly lucrative method of investing can be broken into two separate parts: residential real estate and commercial real estate. The Yanceys provide individual training courses for these two core areas, getting into the meat of each separate course so that the advantages of both can shine through. This is where you’ll be able to better decide if residential, commercial, or a combination of both real estate categories is best for you when investing.

Residential Real Estate

It’s not just about buying a house and then selling it to turn a profit – it’s about everything in between. Amie Yancey is a spokesperson for fabulous design, renovations, and fixes to dilapidated houses. She even has a blog discussing various design moves, techniques, and DIY tips that a lot of homeowners don’t know about.

The overall real estate education course on residential real estate is regarding investing as a whole, renting out residential areas, and the ins and outs of consignment deals. It also covers renovating the homes purchased and then flipping them for a satisfying profit. Literally, you’re given all the tools you need just with the Flipping Vegas seminars alone.

Commercial Real Estate

Some are more interested in catering to businesses and business owners rather than homeowners. Scott Yancey created an entire core concept around how to get the proper education on this topic, how to begin commercial real estate investing, and what to do throughout each step of the process.Flipping Your Way to Real Estate Profits

Scott Yancey, the man behind the entirety of the Yancey Events and seminars, completed his first house deal at the young age of 14. He did this using $30,000 from an insurance settlement, purchasing the second deed of trust for a mortgage. It even had an impressive interest rate of 14%, and Scott Yancey’s entrepreneurial passion only grew from that moment on.

Seminars and events aside, Yancey still has a passion for spreading his knowledge and love for real estate and real estate investment. Because of this ingrained passion, he published two books regarding the topic. Flipping Your Way to Estate Profits, a bestseller, provides in-depth strategies for how to flip homes on a limited budget. Not just geared towards those with a limited cash flow, the book is also designed to make the most substantial profit while doing it, working in the favor of anyone trying to invest, whether they’re on a budget or not.

The second book, Go Time: How to Make Insane Money in your Market Now, is Go Time - Scott Yanceya step-by-step guide for new investors. Even if you’ve never read a word about investing your entire life, this book is designed to prevent any of the most common investing mistakes and help a new real estate investor get lined up on the path they need to be. He explains how real estate investing is for each kind of market, elaborating on the benefits and advantages for each one.

Between the courses, training guides, in-depth seminars, and live sessions that Amie and Scott Yancey provide, you’re given everything you need to get started. Investment is a lucrative side job and even career for those that know how to weigh their options and decide when it’s a bad or good time to invest. The Yancey Events real estate workshops give you the tools you need to do investment the right way.

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Scott Yancey Real Estate Events Teach How To Go Into Business By Yourself

Scott Yancey Real Estate Training

I want to go into business by myself, get out of debt and be a free bird.

This is what Mary Buronana said about why she attended this Scott Yancey real estate program.

I do not want to be an employee anymore.

And that is what Mary’s friend, Dora Barnum, had to say about why she attend the Scott Yancey event.

See Scott’s unique way of keeping someone from breaking into one of Las Vegas flips –

Would you be interested in working for Scott Yancey’s Goliath Company? See this information below that is from

Scott Yancey has spent more than 20 years in various markets such as CA, UT, and NV while laying down a solid foundation for his successful Las Vegas real estate brokerage. GOLIATH PROPERTIES is always looks for sharp, top-producing real estate agents who have valuable experience buying and selling residential properties, commercial properties and land throughout the Las Vegas Valley. As a GOLIATH agent you also have the benefit of having an in house investor. Scott Yancey purchases at least 50
properties per year and GOLIATH PROPERTIES agents typically bring Scott those deals. As a GOLIATH agent you have the opportunity to represent Scott on both the purchase and the re sale of most properties. Learn more about this opportunity here…

Scott has put together an elite team of real estate gurus. Maybe this is just the opportunity that you have been looking for and you have the skills to join them.

Learn About Investing In Real Estate at a Scott Yancey Event

James Davis, who is from Las Vegas, NV, wanted to learn about real estate investing. He decided to enroll in a Scott Yancey training program to get an education in investing.

A quote from James:

I have learned some things I did not know and hopefully I will be ready to go after the class is over. If you are ready to learn real estate it is a good place to come.

Tweet from Scott Yancey:

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Here is one of Scott Yancey’s latest articles in which he has just published on the Huffington Post.
In the article, Scott discusses the importance of personal relationships and how they are important to your real estate investment business.

Personal Networking is King in Real Estate Investing
I’m talking about the tried and true human interactions that build relationships that deliver opportunities. Meeting people with like goals or similar interests has always been one of the most productive business-building activities.

The Real Estate Investment Club

There is no better place to find a group of people all in one location with a single main focus of making money in real estate than at a real estate investment club meeting. I’m not just talking about buyers or sellers. You’ll be meeting:

Rental property investors
Repair and rehab flippers
Real estate agents
Real estate attorneys
Home cleaning services
Contractors and repair services
Bankers and lenders
Title company people
Home insurance professionals
People just like you
Simply put, if it’s involved in buying and selling real estate, you’ll find someone there with a related business or interest.

This is my first tip in this article because it is a great “school” for the new investor. Read the full/original article here

Scott points out that traditional networking is still a very important and effective marketing tool.

Scott Yancey Live Events Can Help Open Doors To Opportunities

Las Vegas, NV residence Jesus and Ana Olivaz attended a Scott Yancey Live Event and after the program completed a video review which follows.

Some of the couple’s comments were:

Looking for better lives, learn, be knowledgeable….The program was awesome….Recommend that you attend the program now….It is knowledge and knowledge is power…It will open up your mind…The training will open up doors to other stuff, that is what it is.

Current tweet on Twitter from Scott Yancey:

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Scott Yancey’s wife, Amie, is a very accomplished interior decorate and just did a blog post on their site about fall colors.

Deck Your Halls for Fall
September is now in full swing, and that means October is on deck. Can you believe it’s almost fall, y’all? Although it may still be hot as Hades and some of us are having an especially hard time letting go of the final rays of summer, it’s impossible to deny the flutter of excited anticipation that is felt whenever phrases like “pumpkin spice” or “fuzzy socks” are mentioned. I cannot wait to whip out my favorite mug, unpack my cozy sweaters from their summer vacation storage bins, and embrace all of the wonderful magic that fall brings. One particularly delightful aspect of fall is all of the décor that comes with it: jewel toned and earthy color palettes, nature inspired pieces, and warm metallic touches. Tell me again who on this planet doesn’t love fall? There are many simple things you can do to allow your home décor to capture that oh-so-wonder-fall essence. I’m ready if you’re ready; let’s get to decking those fall halls. Read the full article here…

Amie covers many topics in this post which include, seasonal wreaths, doormats, serving ware, candles, and decorating with pumpkins. She has included some great pictures to give you some excellent application ideas.

There Is A Lot To Learn At A Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event

California resident Raymond Oliver attended a Scott Yancey real estate training program and the first thing that he offered in his review was…

So much to learn and not enough time. Do not wait to come, come right now. Every minute and every penny was worth it.

What is Scott Yancey tweeting about today – see below:

See more of Scott’s tweets here –

You may not know that Scott Yancey is an author and has published books which are available at He also writes articles for the Huffington Post. Scott’s following article was found to be very interesting because who would believe that some property investors actually like rising interest rates.

Investors Like Rising Interest Rates
Ask a dozen economists about the effects of rising mortgage interest rates on the housing market, and you’re likely to get two dozen answers. You see, it isn’t simple marketplace, and the interaction between interest rates and performance is really dependent on who has a stake.

Home Buyers

Home buyers obviously don’t like seeing interest rates rising, unless they’re lucky enough to already be in a transaction with a mortgage rate lock. It makes homes less affordable and forces decisions about buying less of a home or continuing to rent. Those potential buyers who are saving for a down payment or working on repairing their credit are at risk of rising rates during their preparation.
The home buyer perspective is pretty simple, the lower the interest rate, the lower the payment, and the more I can get for my money. When rates fall, it definitely spurs home buying. But, rates have been historically low for years now and the housing market has only experienced what many would call a weak recovery. When rates rise, it certainly doesn’t help, a glass half empty thing.

Real Estate Investors

It’s more of a glass half-full for real estate investors when mortgage rates are rising. Sure, if you’re getting a mortgage to purchase a rental home or commercial property, you’ll incur greater expense and lower cash flow. But, this negative is usually fully offset by benefits to investors. Read the full article here…

In this article, you can see that interest rates rising will increase the demand for rental properties. Any of your rental properties will increase in value because of the possibility of rental rates increasing. Scott goes through the math on how increased rental rates will result in property values increasing.

Come to a Scott Yancey Event to Learn All The Information on Real Estate Investing

Joan Beldadi, from Norwalk Connecticut, wanted to learn about real estate investments so she attended a Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Event. Below is her assessment of the training program she attended.

Her suggestion is that those wanted to learn real estate investing definitely come to Scott’s programs and learn all the information on investing that they present.

This is what Scott Yancey is tweeting about today:

Wow, that is one big truck!
See more tweets here

Who doesn’t love outdoor living spaces? Did you know that these get-away places in your backyard can add add a lot to your home’s value.

This article on the Huffington Post by author Scott Yancey discusses this topic.

It really doesn’t matter where you live, even in colder or hotter climates, there are enough days during the year that you can take your indoor activities outdoors and enjoy beautiful landscaping and lifestyle features. Other than high dollar swimming pools and expensive hot tubs, much of the materials and labor that go into outdoor living spaces are not overly costly.
Creating relaxing, colorful and natural areas add a new dimension to a home, and often will increase the value a high percentage of the costs of the improvements. You’re working with wood, stone, plants, soils and grasses to construct a natural getaway for your summer grilling or winter enjoyment of that perfect temperature hot tub water. Read more…..

There are many things you can do to your yard for a very inviting outdoor living space. It does not have to be expensive and can be low maintenance as Scott points out in this article.

Learn How To Take Control Of Your Life Through Real Estate Investing

Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event Review

Wanda Elkagomi’s husband wanted her to get into something different something that she could take control of her life and she felt real estate investing would be that vehicle. To get started Wanda decided to go to a Scott Yancey real estate training program in Las Vegas. Below is her testimony on how she felt about the workshop she attended.

Her suggestions for anyone setting on the fence about taking Scott’s training – “Just Do It, don’t just sit there and think about it, just jump in and do it.

Scott’s latest tweet:

Follow Scott on Twitter –

Want to know more about Scott Yancey – this is from his website

When Scott went off to college he got a job as a runner for a very successful real estate investment company. His boss, Walter J. Plumb III, told Scott something he has always remembered. Walter told Scott, “The last three runners that worked for me all became millionaires.” Scott didn’t quite understand or believe what he said, as Walter only used him to collect documents, maps, bank deposits and other odds and ends. Walter pulled Scott aside one day and suggested that he get his real estate license, take an apartment building he owned, convert it to condominiums and then sell the units with his real estate license. A suggestion was all that was needed, and Scott not only got his license but made so much money his first year that he quit his college career and focused on real estate full time.

Scott Yancey Real Estate Workshop Offers Positive Experience for Future Investors

Loida and Lorthi, two friends from Las Vegas attended one of Scott Yancey’s 2 day workshops. This is what Loida had to say:

It is exciting and I got motivated and so far so good. It is really positive and I am actually so excited. I highly recommend this workshop.

What Scott Yancey is tweeting today:

Follow Scott –

Here is some information about Scott Yancey’s Goliath Company in Las Vegas.

Buying real estate should be one of the most exciting financial transactions you’ll ever make. Guided by our seasoned, professional Real Estate experts, buying a home, land, lot, or commercial property will be an enjoyable and simple process.

GOLIATH PROPERTIES, now featured on the A&E show “Flipping Vegas,” is well known throughout the valley for our ability to recognize strong investment opportunities others may miss, and we boast a strong portfolio of both residential and commercial properties in all price ranges.

Whether your interests rest in purchasing a residential property, multi-family property, development land, finished lots, industrial or retail commercial property, or something unique to your investment strategy, our team has the right insight to guide you completely through the process.

Our vision, insight, forward-thinking approach, focus, and impeccable attention to the details for our clients and partners sets us apart from the myriad companies in the valley. Quite simply, we are the best in the business. Ready to realize your dream? Contact GOLIATH PROPERTIES today! Read more here….

Scott has developed this company into a real estate brokerage, land development, manages income properties, and buys and sells all types of real estate investments.

Seasoned Real Estate Investors Learn From Scott Yancey Live Events

Rehanaz Dia decided to take her real estate knowledge to a higher level. To do that she attended a Scott Yancey live real estate event and she was very happy she did.

There were many, many things that she learned at the event even as a seasoned investor.

See what Scott is tweeting about today.

Here is a link to his account –

Also follow Scott on his Facebook page –

Get More Real Estate Investing Ideas by Attending a Scott Yancey Workshop

Lisa Curshel, from Las Vegas, came to one of the initial shorter Scott Yancey training events and found it so interesting that she decided to come to one of the longer workshops. She again found this workshop full of interesting information and she got a lot of real estate investing ideas from the training.

What would Lisa tell others about Scott’s real estate workshops – “Go For It!”

What was Scott Yancey’s latest tweet:

On Scott’s website he has some information on building your building your brand as a real estate flipper.

Building a Brand for Flipping Real Estate
Investing in real estate and flipping houses can be done by remaining fairly anonymous. However if you want the deals to come to you and have more people wanting to do business with you, you need to market yourself or business. In order to optimize marketing you need a brand for flipping real estate.

Branding helps you build established respect and trust. Authenticity is how you will be judged. When people sense you are authentic and consistent, they value your passion and identify with you…

In order to develop a brand around you, review your interests and your passions. Building a personal brand is not about building your ego or bragging. A personal brand tells who you are and what you do for others. Yet you want your brand to be true to who you are and not about trying to please everyone. No matter what you do you will not please everyone, so focus on those who do appreciate you… Read the full article here

Find Out Information On How To Invest In Real Estate at a Scott Yancey Event

Tiffany and John from Rockland County, NY came to a Scott Yancey live real estate event because they were interested in finding out more information on how to invest in property. They wanted to find out all the hidden secrets on how to do things.

They felt the knowledge that this Yancey workshop offered them has been a big plus.

What is Scott tweeting about?

Here is an interesting article for you, authored by Scott Yancey and published on the Huffington Post, if you are trying to get out from under a property and need to sell quickly. As Scott says in this article this approach in selling is not going to fit everyone.

Here is the article:

Turn the Tables – Seek Out an Investor to Buy Your Home
OK, I’ll start out by saying that this article is only going to apply to a rather small niche of home sellers. However, if you happen to fit into this niche, this may help you to sell your home when you’ve been having trouble doing so.

Let’s take some of you off the hook by giving you the criteria that may make this article a solution to your problem; or not. If you don’t fit into one or more of these niches, then it’s probably not going to work for you. But, if you do, taking a proactive approach could get your home sold quickly, even if you’ve been having problems.

• You have enough equity in your home to sacrifice some or all of it to get a sale price at or below current market value.
• You have a serious need to get out from under the home, perhaps to relocate for employment opportunity.
• You can’t afford to keep paying for this home while renting somewhere else.
Read more here…..–seek-out_b_10048074.html?.

If you are just looking to sell your house quickly and you have equity built up where you may be able to take a price lower than market value, then the approach Scott lays out in this article may be just for you.