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Scott Yancey and his wife Amie took the time to learn about real estate investing in order to educate other individuals about the tricks of the trade. The Yancey’s are firm believers that it’s important to learn about real estate investing. This is actually the whole reason they host the many Scott and Amie Yanceydifferent events that they do, from their Flipping Vegas seminars to the Yancey Events Real Estate Workshops. In order to fully grasp real estate education, it’s important to first ask yourself the five questions investors ask themselves for every single deal they go into.

These five questions are the central part of any savvy investor’s initial brainstorming process, as Scott and Amie both well know. The Scott & Amie Yancey Events are designed to help you answer those five questions with the right answers, securing a smart investment and steering clear of the bad ideas.

Why Should You Invest In Real Estate?

Asking yourself “why” is the first step to deciding if you even really want something or not. If you don’t have an answer to this question, you’re perpetually trapped in the first phase of real estate investing until you come up with a good answer. The Yancey’s believe that you can invest in order to get back a reasonable profit, as they’ve shown again and again throughout their run on TV with A&E’s Flipping Vegas. Whether you want to invest in order to make a continuous trickle of profit or you’re working your way up to the house of your dreams, why you’re wanting to invest is the first question you need to ask yourself.

Scott Yancey on How to Invest?

Once you know the reason behind wanting to dive into real estate investing, the next question is the big “how.” There are a variety of ways to invest, so it’s a pretty big question that a lot of people can get stuck on. The Yancey live training seminars have educators standing by that can give you the fit you need so that you can find how to invest. There’s no specific way that works for everyone when it comes to how you invest, so Yancey’s team helping you find the best way for you to invest is the most financially wise decision.

When Should You Invest?

Analysts from all across the USA are observing the trends in the most recent years in comparison to the housing market. While we did have the housing market crash of 2008, which was rock bottom for many homeowners and investors alike, you can only stay at the bottom for so long. The housing market could only get so low before having to bounce back, as patterns always dictate. Based on the trends in the housing market right now, it seems to be making a rebound from sitting at the bottom. The housing market is bouncing back, which is why the Yanceys determine that the time to start investing is now.

Scott Yancey on What Should You Invest?

While many people make the mistake of thinking money is the only thing you should be investing, expert investors understand you’re going to be spending hours on the clock in order to get the profits they’re looking for. There’s an even balance to how much time you need to put in compared to how much your return will be. So, while you will be investing your money into your real estate investment strategy, you’ll also be investing your time just as proportionately.

Where Should You Invest?

The Scott Yancey real estate seminars have advisers standing by to assist with this particular question. Deciding “where” to invest is going to be determined on an individual basis. The first step you can decide on, however, is what category you’re going to be investing in. The Yanceys help to spread the word about real estate investing, which would make the big “where” in real estate properties.

Deciding where you should invest in real estate instead of where you should invest, in general, is a different question altogether. Depending on your physical location, the Yanceys will be able to help you figure out which locations near you are the best for real estate investing and which ones should be avoided.

Real Estate Broken Down

This particularly lucrative method of investing can be broken into two separate parts: residential real estate and commercial real estate. The Yanceys provide individual training courses for these two core areas, getting into the meat of each separate course so that the advantages of both can shine through. This is where you’ll be able to better decide if residential, commercial, or a combination of both real estate categories is best for you when investing.

Residential Real Estate

It’s not just about buying a house and then selling it to turn a profit – it’s about everything in between. Amie Yancey is a spokesperson for fabulous design, renovations, and fixes to dilapidated houses. She even has a blog discussing various design moves, techniques, and DIY tips that a lot of homeowners don’t know about.

The overall real estate education course on residential real estate is regarding investing as a whole, renting out residential areas, and the ins and outs of consignment deals. It also covers renovating the homes purchased and then flipping them for a satisfying profit. Literally, you’re given all the tools you need just with the Flipping Vegas seminars alone.

Commercial Real Estate

Some are more interested in catering to businesses and business owners rather than homeowners. Scott Yancey created an entire core concept around how to get the proper education on this topic, how to begin commercial real estate investing, and what to do throughout each step of the process.Flipping Your Way to Real Estate Profits

Scott Yancey, the man behind the entirety of the Yancey Events and seminars, completed his first house deal at the young age of 14. He did this using $30,000 from an insurance settlement, purchasing the second deed of trust for a mortgage. It even had an impressive interest rate of 14%, and Scott Yancey’s entrepreneurial passion only grew from that moment on.

Seminars and events aside, Yancey still has a passion for spreading his knowledge and love for real estate and real estate investment. Because of this ingrained passion, he published two books regarding the topic. Flipping Your Way to Estate Profits, a bestseller, provides in-depth strategies for how to flip homes on a limited budget. Not just geared towards those with a limited cash flow, the book is also designed to make the most substantial profit while doing it, working in the favor of anyone trying to invest, whether they’re on a budget or not.

The second book, Go Time: How to Make Insane Money in your Market Now, is Go Time - Scott Yanceya step-by-step guide for new investors. Even if you’ve never read a word about investing your entire life, this book is designed to prevent any of the most common investing mistakes and help a new real estate investor get lined up on the path they need to be. He explains how real estate investing is for each kind of market, elaborating on the benefits and advantages for each one.

Between the courses, training guides, in-depth seminars, and live sessions that Amie and Scott Yancey provide, you’re given everything you need to get started. Investment is a lucrative side job and even career for those that know how to weigh their options and decide when it’s a bad or good time to invest. The Yancey Events real estate workshops give you the tools you need to do investment the right way.

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Learn More About the Activities at a Scott Yancey Event

Randy and Terry Massey spent a weekend at a Scott Yancey Live Event and they related in this video review about their personal feelings from their experience. They admitted that at first, they had mixed feelings. After the training, they now feel that they can go forward in the right direction with real estate investing.

Direct quote from Randy:

We were apprehensive at first, but as we went on, we got convinced that it is the right thing to do. If you don’t make a change, it’s going to be the same thing.

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Some of the things covered in these events:

    Beginner & Experienced Opportunities
    Pre-Approved Funding
    Reduced Risk
    Flip for Profit(s)

Scott Yancey Live Events Life Changing For Some Attendees

Tere Farley’s review of the Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event he attended, in his interview he said that it was a great experience for him. Coming out of the event he is now very motivated to begin generating passive income by investing in real estate.

Direct quote from Tere Farley:

This investment today is really going to change by life.

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Scott is the Founder of Goliath Company, a real estate brokerage in Las Vegas, NV. He is a full-time real estate investor, two-time best-selling author, and world-renowned educator. Together with his wife Amie, he is also the host of his own television program, “Flipping Vegas,” where he takes viewers inside his own flip properties to show them firsthand how house flipping works.

Scott Yancey’s Intensive Real Estate Training Can Work for You

After attending a Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Event in Atlanta, Ruby Williams did the following video review:

Ruby felt her experience at the event had been good. In the 3 days, she had gotten a lot of information, very positive information and very helpful information that is going to lead her to generational wealth. This intensive training worked for Ruby.

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Scott Yancey’s Training Can Teach You How To Become A Smart House Flipper

One of Scott Yancey’s live real estate training events was attended by Ashlie Lief and Sally Chapel. Their positive experience was clearly expressed in their review video.

Direct quote from Ashlie:

I had a great experience, I learn a lot. My brain was full every single night and I slept really well. I took a lot of notes. I felt the level of information and the level of instruction was excellent, so I really enjoyed it.

Sally had this to say:

Lots and lots of great information and I could not even take notes fast enough. So I am glad to be part of a team to remember all of those and to answer my questions.

Scott Yancey enjoys sharing his real estate investing knowledge and just published an article in The Huffington Post on “Absorption Rate – Get a Jump on Trend Changes”.
Read the full article here–get-a-ju_b_11698652.html, because Scott says…

Put absorption rate into your toolbox for more market knowledge and better decisions.

To Succeed In Real Estate Get Training From The Best

Angelo and Evan Evan Pierce decided on Scott Yancey’s Live Real Estate Events as the best place for them to get investment training. Watch their video review below.

Angelo’s major takeaway from his experience at Scott’s training seminar

I learn a lot of things I would not have known if I had not come to the class. It does everything that you would want and it is a very good buy.

You can learn more about Scott Yancey at his author page on The Huffington Post.
Here is an excerpt…

But when the market crashed in 2007, Scott and his wife Amie contemplated leaving real estate for a few years until they felt the market had recovered enough for them to again see profit in their field. If they had chosen that route, it’s likely that Scott and Amie would be nowhere near where they are today. When he heard how little people were paying for properties in Las Vegas to then rent them out to tenants, Scott saw a golden opportunity. What would happen if he bought at the bottom? Whose to say the returns wouldn’t increase until the market again reached its peak? Epiphanies like these led to Scott and Amie again working in real estate, but with a slightly different approach.

Read more here –

Garret Collins – Scott Yancey Event Review – Information at its Finest

Garret Collins was very appreciative of Scott’s course and his team’s teachings:

Garret said that he learned a whole lot from the course and that he was going out into the market to make some “big money”.

Check out Scott Yancey’s world class education at this link

In Scott’s training, you will learn about Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Tax Liens and Tax Deeds, Investing Strategies and much more that will help you on your road to being a successful real estate investor.

His training gives you the material you need for a great foundation.

Scott Yancey Live Training Can Help You Make Money In Real Estate

One of the attendees of the Yancey Live Events did a video review of how he felt after the training. He was quoted as saying

I want to thank the Yancey Corporation for giving all the information I need to continue on with my education with “Boots on the Ground” and the material so that I can get out there and make some money.

Aas an investor in real estate, for you to meet your full potential you have to be well educated and you can gain this education through the training seminars that Scott Yancey and his team offer.

Scott is known for the reality show “Flipping Vegas” that is shown on Check out some of the past episodes which I think you will find very entertaining.

The Key to Success Learn From a Yancey Live Event

Positive video review by Roxanne Fanauer of a Yancey Live Real Estate Training Seminar. Roxanne’s video is below.

What did Roxanne Fanauer say about the event:

Any education is probably the key to success…I’m hoping to take that. Knowledge is power, and hopefully, I will become powerful….

Here is some information from the Huffington Post about Scott:

Scott Yancey’s face and name have become far more recognizable with the success of his hit A&E television show Flipping Vegas, but what may surprise viewers is that Scott has actually been working in real estate for more than 20 years!…

Read the full author bio here:

An Excellent Source Of Information – Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Events

In the following video, Richard, an attendee of one of Scott Yancey’s live events, reviews his experience from the real estate seminar.

The following were quotes from Richard.

This program has been very informative…. I think I got the tools now to proceed on what I need to be doing now…

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Before investing your time and money in a particular property, you should first equip yourself with everything you need. Check out Scott Yancey’s training at

How A Scott Yancey Real Estate Can Help You Conquer Your Investing Fears

This attendee of a Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event had some real fears and was scared about investing in real estate. After the event, she is ready to go out and make some money!

Real estate is among a small number of fields a person has the ability to make thousands of dollars while working part-time. However, you need the appropriate training and this is where the Scott Yancey training seminars can help. You can see what other participates and attendees have felt about these live events at this YouTube Review Playlist of Scott’s.