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The television personality behind A&E’s Flipping Vegas, Scott Yancey, and Scott and Amie Yanceyhis wife, Amie, have made it their mission to travel across the country offering intuitive investing courses. They created Yancey Events in order to help newbies in the investing and business work with investing in real estate.

Flipping Vegas is an important TV show for Yancey because it’s helping Yancey propel further into the real estate investment industry. The first episode launched in 2011, featuring Scott and Amie flipping houses around the Las Vegas area for profit. They do this successfully by taking dilapidated homes around Las Vegas, fixing them up, and selling them for a satisfying profit.

Scott Yancey’s Live Events

It’s no surprise that Yancey took advantage of his stardom in Flipping Vegas in order to get Yancey Events started. It only took that coupled with the experience and vast pool of real estate and investment knowledge Yancey possessed. Scott and Amie Yancey didn’t just do it for their own personal gain, however – their focus is paying it forward in order to provide opportunities for those willing to learn. To date, Scott and Amie have seen over 250,000 students throughout visits to multiple countries.

Each live event that Amie and Scott host and speak at is packed with info that’s relevant to newbies and seasoned professionals alike. Whether it’s simply to brush up and learn alternative methods you’ve never tried before or you’re just diving into investing into real estate for the first time, the Yancey Events Real Estate Workshop covers just about everything you’ll need to be prepared to invest.

There are beginner and experiences opportunities that allow you to knowledge for how to get involved in real estate. It’s the knowledge that attracts the right accomplished individuals to each live event, so they have to be doing something right.

The event also delivers information regarding pre-approved funding and what you need to do about it – basically, the question of where you’re going to get the money to do your investment deals is going to come into play. There is, however, the option to get up to $750,000 with pre-approved funding for real estate, independent of credit score. Scott explains how all of that’s even possible.

Before investing in real estate, some cogs in the machine have to get moving, including scouting out any potential places that could help you get cash. This could be anything from a pre-market and tax deed auction property to a business and clothing store. The meat of this part of the event is that you can turn these properties or businesses into cash. Instead of cash, there’s also the option to just hold onto them for long-term monthly income options, so you’ll be able to weigh the options and make a full decision through the Scott Yancey Real Estate Events.

There are always potential risks when it comes with real estate investing, which is something that can make a lot of potential investors hesitant to even get started. The Scott Yancey real estate seminars will give you the knowledge you need to avoid those risks, get past all the common road blocks, and bypass all other issues that investors inevitably end up facing.
Best of all, Amie and Scott educate those that come to their live events on how to find and invest in income properties that can be flipped virtually overnight. There is a simple formula that won’t just help you with investing, but will help you with actually finding properties in the first place. The Yancey Real Estate Seminar covers all of that.

Scott Yancey Real Estate Training

Outside of all the seminars, workshops, events, and parties, Scott Yancey tries to get real with the investors interested in learning from him. He offers easy to understand tips and ideas that are sure to get your brain pumping. The DYI tips Yancey offers include what to check on before hiring a contractor, how to lighten up your carbon footprint, what real estate operating expenses are, and much more.

What this means is that he doesn’t withhold all the information he knows for his paid events. On the contrary, Scott Yancey focuses on just trying to spread the information he has. He’s been at the real estate investment game since he was 14, so as a seasoned expert, he knows it’s his obligation to help those who need to learn the ropes. Checking out the blog on his website where his and his wife’s design tips are is a great way to stay in the know of everything relevant in the real estate world and housing market right now.

There are Yancey Preview Events, where the couple provides free training. The training event usually lasts about three hours and it’s designed to help those in need of a little knowledge before they’ve been able to save enough to invest. After all, it’s never too early to learn how to invest wisely, especially if you’re saving money back in the meantime.

The Yancey Preview Events don’t just have the added benefits of being free and providing you with all the information you need, but Amie and Scott also welcome any and all guests you wish to bring with you. Instead of having to purchase anything at all when you get there, you can instead bring as many people as are interested as possible. Scott simply recommends not dragging someone who isn’t actually interested to the event – it wastes space where a guest that’s interested in real estate investment could have gone, and they’re not getting to enjoy the fun that investment in real estate has to offer.

Students who walk into the event find themselves surprised at how easy and realistic real estate investment is. All of the real estate instructors present at the event are there to open up the door of possibility and potential, giving you all the tools you need to get started.

About Scott and Amie Yancey

For a little background into the man with the plan, Yancey is a real estate expert that completed his first investment deal at the young age of 14. His entrepreneur passion has carried since then, and at 46, Yancey has made millions by flipping houses, investing, and teaching courses or seminars. He educates the young minds of those who want to be successful like him, and he gives them exactly what they need to do to achieve it.

His wife, Amie, is no character just in the background. On the contrary, Amie is estimated to have a net value of $5 million, and she’s most well-known for her interior designing career. She’s the co-star of Flipping Vegas, and she shares her design expertise and experience on the latest styles and trends. She’s the interior designer genius behind all of the houses they fix up and resell, along with her own gorgeous home.

You can actually check out Amie’s blog regarding different interior design ideas through the Scott Yancey website, where you can also check out Goliath Company’s website of its own. The Goliath Company, also started by Yancey, is a brokerage, development, and property company dedicated to just about all things real estate. After the housing market crash of 2008, Yancey had to revamp the Goliath Company to better fit in. It helps its clients find success, helps its partners thrive, and handles all of the changing tides that wash over real estate with confidence.

Scott and Amie Yancey are two passionate TV personalities that have a reasonable goal in mind with the right kind of live events going around the country to actually pull it off. They’ll be able to spread knowledge and understanding to potential investors hungry for that knowledge, which was their goal from the start. The training courses, preview events, and live showings are all to educate so that more people can take advantage of what Scott and Amie already have.

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