At a Scott Yancey Event You Will Learn How to Make Sales

Learning how to make the sale is a strategic high point of all the Scott Yancey Events. Below is a video review where an attendee of one of Scott’s seminars discusses his breakthrough moment during the event.

On Scott Yancey’s website, he shares his thoughts about investing in real estate. Here is a short excerpt from his feeling about marketing yourself:

Investing in real estate and flipping houses can be done by remaining fairly anonymous. However if you want the deals to come to you and have more people wanting to do business with you, you need to market yourself or business. In order to optimize marketing you need a brand for flipping real estate. Branding helps you build established respect and trust…read more here

Scott goes on to talk about building your brand around your passions, your qualities, your skills, your value to others, and your value.

Scott Yancey Real Estate Events Are Outstanding Says Attendee Tom Doyle

Elena and Tom Doyle attended one of Scott Yancey’s real estate training seminars and thought the event was outstanding.
Here are Tom’s exact words:

It has been outstanding. We have really enjoyed it and have had a great time so far and it is only the first day. We are learning to network. It puts everyone together in one spot, sellers, buyers, and that is something we need desperately. Everything from property to insurance to financing and even other investors that are in the area. Those that are here, we have met some great people and look forward to meeting some more.

Below is Tom’s video review on Scott Yancey’s Real Estate program.

Over and over the attendees of Scott’s live events comment on the wealth of information that they gain from networking with the other people that are at these seminars. Not only does Scott have excellent instructors but the individuals that attend are from a wide spectrum that makeup the real estate industry.

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Have Questions About Real Estate Investing – Attend A Scott Yancey Live Event For Answers

Zoran Jokic had a lot of questions about real estate investing but after attending a Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Event, Zoran felt he got all the answers he needed.
His direct quote was:

I would definitely tell them to go for it. A lot of things to learn, a lot of things to accomplish, a lot of information to get from one place. It’s like one-stop shopping. The benefit is getting information in one place. The people here, they are experts in the industry. So, it is much easier to get in touch and approach them and to get all the answers you need.

Check out his video review below:

Newbie or experience in real estate investing, Scott and his team have a wealth of material which they teach in these live events. As Zoran said it really is “One-stop shopping” for real estate investing information.

Investing In Real Estate Wisely

William Madove reviewed his experience at a Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event. William was quoted as saying:

It gives you a better idea on how to intelligently and safely invest in real estate rather than going out there and floundering on your own and learning by your mistakes. What is there to think about, Just Do It.

Instead of learning from your own mistakes and using your time and money to do so, attend Scott Yancey Training Seminars and learn from his team what they have learned from 1000s of hours of investing in real estate.

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Beginner or Pro Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Events Fit All Investors

Sabrina McNamee is more of an experienced real estate investor and attended a Yancey event to further her real estate education. And she felt she did. According to Sabrina,

I think having the resources, all the experts here that you can actually go to. We need experts to make sure that we are going on the right path. It is great. I wish I had this 20 years ago when I was a lot younger.

Here is her video review of Scott’s real estate training:

Want to know more about Scott? Here is an excerpt from his Huffington Post author bio

Growing up in Studio City, CA, 14-year-old Scott hadn’t really thought about real estate until he was approached and asked if he would like to purchase a second trust deed on a home. When he was told of the benefits that could come back from this first investment, Scott decided to give it a try. It turns out that he would learn from this deal how his money could work for him, and that he could set his eyes a little higher on what he wanted to do with it. Read more at

Randy Petersen Review of Real Estate Investment Program by Scott Yancey

Randy Petersen, from Cambridge MN, made the decision to attend a Scott Yancey Real Estate Investment Program and Training and the following is Randy’s video review.

Randy with quoted as saying that the biggest benefit of the coming to Scott’s event was:

I think it jump starts you. I think you get an inside track at how to go about doing the business. I know I have gotten a lot of answers by going to some of the specialists here at the training and asking questions.

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Scott Yancey’s real estate investment program is a perfect opportunity for it will not only help you get started in the business but will also teach you the best investing strategies. You will be able to receive an education that can influence the way you think for a lifetime. It is a wealth-building event, and its primary goal is to help you learn how to make better investments.

How To Build Your Real Estate Knowledge

Tammy Vaught attended a Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Seminar and she felt with this training she was building a solid base for her real estate knowledge. See Tammy’s video review below which she did while at Scott’s real estate program.

If you want to get only the best in the industry, then make sure you shouldn’t let Yancey events pass you by. It is an event that should be missed by everyone, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned investor.

Here is a direct quote from Tammy:

So far it is going pretty good. I am enjoying the speakers, a lot of interesting information, stuff I did not know before I got here. So far so good.

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Start Your Real Estate Career By Attending A Scott Yancey Live Event

Nick Klassen did a review of his experience at a Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Event.

When asked how his experience was at the event Nick said:

It was awesome, learned a lot, learned a lot on how to invest. What strategy to use and so on. It was great.

He was also asked what was the benefit of the program for him and he commented saying:

If you do not know the market, if you do not know the areas where to invest and do not have the strategies how to invest it is a pretty challenging business. It is great to have the opportunity to plug into a system that is proven and works.

Check out more of Scott Yancey’s video at this YouTube channel

Attendees come away from the Yancey Live Real Estate Training Programs very motivated and are giving to tools to be successful in the real estate market.

Video Review of Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Seminar by Nathan Cestler

Nathan Cestler from Arcanum, Oh attended a Scott Yancey live event and the following is his video review.

Nathan was very enthusiastic about what he learned from the event and stated the following

Amazing, there is a lot of good information here. Just motivating people, just to be around the same people of like minds. This gives us that extra boost of motivation to go out and make a deal and make it happen.

Nathan also said:

I really was not apprehensive about coming here. I was excited, I was pretty excited. It is a lot more than I expected. I was excited to begin with, and now over excited actually being here. There is just so much information to learn, I am just so impressed and I will recommend it to anybody.
I will benefit from all this information this weekend by just the general knowledge we have gained. A lot of it is the motivation because we have the knowledge now and we got the motivation this weekend that kind of gives us that extra push that we need to move forward with. So it is really great. The experience is definitely worth your time. I would recommend anybody to do this. Well worth your time, your money, it is a great investment.

As can be seen from the review by Nathan he was very happy with his Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event experience.

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Scott Yancey Live Event | Review by an Ontario Canada Couple

Yancey Live Real Estate Event reviewed by Mike McClintock and Marinela Angelica from Ontario Canada.

Go here to watch the video on YouTube.

This couple was asked how their experience was with the Scott Yancey program.

We started in May with this program and we just want to encourage everybody. It has been an amazing experience, we are so proud to be part of this family. It is amazing. Thank you for everything and we are going to follow the path.

After being asked to comment on what they would tell someone thinking about attending this event they said.

Definitely join and stop thinking and start doing. It is all about action. All of us sit back and never take it. Take it, take it now and yes you will not regret it.