Scott Yancey Live Event Seminar by Subhadra Nori

Subhadra Nori Review Of Her Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Event

Subhadra said….

It is very exciting to be here. Lots of energy, lots of enthusiasm going on.

She also said about the benefits of attending the training…

What you read in books and what you see on the videos are nothing compare to what you will experience here, one on one. All the speakers have been excellent. You will learn a lot more being here. So, totally a wonderful experience.

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Scott Yancey Real Estate Event Great Networking Opportunities

In Wade Douty’s review he talks about the great newtwork opportunities in attending a Scott Yancey Real Esate Live Event.

The event has been fantastic a lot of information a lot of information exchanging. The networking has been outstanding.

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Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Training Seminar Reviewed by Paul Fishbein

Scott Yancey Event’s Review

After attending a Scott Yancey Live Event Paul Fishbein shared his thoughts about the training.

There was a lot of good information I did not know about, that I had heard people but I just did not know how to structure it. Now I am learning how to do that.

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Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Events Review – Tammy LaPuma

Tammy LaPuma describes what she got out of the live training held by Scott Yancey Events.

My experience of the summit has been very good. It is very knowledgeable, I have learned a lot more. How I feel now is very grateful, thankful, very appreciative, happy and looking more to a future.

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Meet Scott and Amie Yancey From Flipping Vegas Part 2

Scott and Amie Yancey “In The Beginning”

Amie grew up on a farm in Canada and had a white Arabian horse. She once dyed her white horse purple because she thought it would make it “pop” in a commercial which the Arabian was going to be in.

Scott grew up in California where he lived with his grandparents from the age of 8.

Scott’s grandfather was a real estate agent so real estate was in his blood from a very young age.

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