Real Estate Training from Scott Yancey Live Events

Crystal Cutler of Yonkers, NY, attended a Scott Yancey Live seminar to begin her real estate training. A review of Crystal’s experience follows:

Crystal Cutler had this to say:

It absolutely is a different event as it is more intimate. We are able to sit with both teachers and students in a wonderful think-tank environment and really chew on what is happening for us. This helps make this thing real and make it happen for us here in Vegas and when we get back home.

Crystal also said:

The teachers were speaking to solutions on how to deal with it and how to handle it. It was exhilarating, I had a wonderful weekend. I am armed with both people, tools, and new skills. So if you are serious and this is what you are doing and this is what you are going to do then this is where you need to be. Best money I have ever spent.

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